Make anything, brick by brick

Brickadia is a multiplayer brick building game that gives you the tools to create and play, your way. Build and invent with your friends, or blow them to smithereens!

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Try the alpha

You can play for free, right now, while the game is in Open Alpha!

This is a non-representative, early version of the game. It is missing many key features that will be added in updates before the game’s launch, and bugs are common.


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Build anything you can imagine

Our powerful building system - coupled with a growing collection of bricks — gives you and your friends the freedom to build anything, together!

Brickadia supports a million bricks on-screen at once, giving you more flexibility to create than ever before.

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Customize your character

Pick and choose from a collection of parts and color them any way you want!

Change your body, arms, legs, and hands, attach masks, backpacks, necklaces, capes, armor, and so much more! Choose from an assortment of animated faces to describe your personality!

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Create minigames for you and your friends, or the world! Featuring a collection of gamemodes we’ve created, as well as lots of settings for you to tweak the experience to your liking.

More to come!

Brickadia’s alpha has a long road ahead! We plan to introduce many new mechanics and features that will give you the tools to create entirely new things. You can follow the on-going development on the official blog.

See the development blog