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Next Generation
Sandbox Game

Next Generation
Sandbox Game

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Create, Play & Share.

Brickadia is a new multiplayer brick building sandbox game that gives you all the tools to create and play, your way.

Build and invent with your friends, drive a car through space, create your own interactive experiences, or blow it all to smithereens!

Build Anything.

Using our constantly growing collection of bricks and intuitive, powerful tools, you can build towering skyscrapers, vehicles, islands, or anything you can dream of.

The only limit is your imagination.

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Or Explore!

Building your own creations doesn't fancy you? No problem!

Brickadia makes it easier than ever to jump into experiences created by other players. Explore solo, or with friends.

Maybe remix things to give them your own personal twist!

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Physics Galore.

Create intricate physics contraptions, including vehicles, roller coasters, trains, and more.

Using hinges, rails, and other constraints, you can make anything you can dream of. And of course, it all works in multiplayer!

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Express Yourself.

Mix and match from several hundred pieces to build your own entirely unique avatar. Replace any body part, attach belts and vests, put on a hat or even some fresh hair?

Create an unlimited number of avatars to use in the game however you like!

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Add Interactivity.

Create interactive builds with buttons, switches, doors, lights and so much more with wires. Set up simple circuits with logic gates to add interactivity to your creations!

Build complex puzzles, terrifying traps, and fascinating circuits - all without writing a single line of code.

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Or Scripts!

You're a veteran creator and even wire logic is not enough for your awesome game mode? Make your own advanced systems using our powerful Behaviors scripting language.

Easily attach your scripts to players, bricks, and more. Or even provide an interactive wire interface for other players. The possibilities are endless!

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Inspire The World.

The Gallery makes it easy to instantly import and share any kind of asset.

Brick builds, vehicles, prefabs, custom scripts, physics contraptions, even presets like avatars and color palettes!

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Gallery Image Gallery Image Gallery Image Gallery Image Gallery Image
Gallery Image Gallery Image Gallery Image Gallery Image Gallery Image Gallery Image
Gallery Image Gallery Image Gallery Image Gallery Image Gallery Image Gallery Image

And so much more.

Easy, Secure Multiplayer.

Play together with your friends with just a click of a button. No confusing configuration necessary, it all just works.

We use EOS relay servers, so online play is secure and private across platforms. Servers are protected from DOS attacks, and your ip address is hidden from players.

Great Performance.

On modern hardware, Brickadia easily handles millions of bricks with thousands of attached interactive components.

We enjoy building the high tech stuff so you can just have fun, without worrying about limits. If you find a particular case that runs terribly, let us know in the community!

Remixable Experiences.

The Gallery lets you share original content, and remix content made by other players.

Take apart anything you want and explore how it works, or make any improvements you like. Collaboration and innovation has never been this easy.

Dynamic Weather.

Would your build look better with a storm in the background? Maybe a clear sky is more your fancy? No problem. Easily set the scene for any environment you desire in your build, including dynamic time of day.

For advanced users, weather can also be directly controlled with Behaviors scripting.

Huge Editable Worlds, Soon.

Using hybrid voxel/brick technology, we are creating massive editable worlds that scale far beyond what would be possible using the bricks alone, covering billions of studs.

We are actively researching this, so it will not be immediately available and it's still open ended how far we will be able to go with this feature.

Modding Tools, Soon.

We are building tooling and services to allow adding your custom content to the game and automatically distributing it to other players.

Please note that while these features will not be ready in time for the Early Access launch, many uses of modding in other games are already covered by Behaviors scripting!

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Looking for more?

Stay up to date by following us on social media, or chat with us on Discord! We will be sharing previews, insights into our development and cool media as we get closer to launch.

Check out our development blog for up-to-date information on our development process and get a sneak-peek at early features!

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