Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Early Access Release

When can I play Early Access?

Early Access is expected to land in summer 2023. If you would like to be notified about the release, wishlist our game on Steam!

What platforms will Early Access be on?

Early Access is planned to launch on Steam, and our own website. Other platforms may be announced at a later date. Feel free to choose your preferred one!

We currently plan to support Windows and Linux builds of the game.

What is the launch price of Early Access?

Early Access will launch at $29.99. Regional pricing might apply, so make sure to check the store page.

How long will Brickadia be in Early Access?

Brickadia will remain in early access while we implement the last few big features and improve the performance/stability of the game overall. We currently anticipate leaving Early Access during 2024.

How will the final version differ from Early Access?

We plan to implement a robust modding system to let you import your own custom content into the game, add brick terrain editing tools, continue fleshing out the physics, logic and scripting systems, expand the library of bricks and tools inside the game. We regularly work to improve the performance and support larger and larger builds as you build more crazy things. The future is bright!

What is the current state of Early Access?

Using intuitive building tools and a growing library of bricks, you are able to build anything from cars in space to sprawling cities. You can build vehicles and various other physics contraptions. You can use wire logic and visual scripting to create your own interactive experiences. All of these creative tools work seamlessly in multiplayer with your friends or even random players. Share your creations with other users, or explore theirs on the growing gallery!

How do we plan to use community feedback?

We are active in our official Discord community, where you can ask questions, suggest any ideas you have, report bugs, etc. Any other social media where we are active works too - Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, the Steam forum. We regularly incorporated features from community feedback during our previous Open Alpha period and expect to continue doing this during Early Access.

Early Access Features

Can I build together with friends?

Yes! Brickadia is built from the ground up with multiplayer support in mind. All creative tools, like building, setting up physics contraptions, wire logic and Behaviors scripting, can be used collaboratively with others. This means you can create anything together, including interactive experiences!

What can I build in Early Access?

In the previous Open Alpha, you could build large, multi-million brick structures. Excellent for building maps, cities, and all kinds of things! Additionally, you could attach pre-configured components to bricks, like lights, sounds and items.

Physics contraptions are a new concept coming into Early Access. Build cars, trucks, trains, moving platforms, rollercoasters, and more!

Wire logic and Behavior scripts will add the next level of interactivity to your builds. Combined with physics, the possibilities are infinite!

What are wires? And what can I do with them?

Wires are a simple way to add interactivity to your builds. Connect up buttons to doors, levers to drawbridges, and your vehicle's steering system to your wheels.

Additionally, wires can interface with Behavior scripts found in the Gallery, or ones that you make, for added functionality and ease-of-use.

What are Behavior scripts?

Behaviors visual scripting allows you to create any custom logic you need for your contraptions and experiences. Easily build your scripts using a scratch-like block editor, and take control over the world!

Additionally, Behavior scripts can interface with wire logic. Share scripts that others can use in their wire logic to do more things!

We hope to expand the capabilities of Behaviors over the course of Early Access with your feedback! Stay tuned.

What is the Gallery? How can I share my creations?

The Gallery is your one-stop shop (metaphorically) for playing and remixing experiences created by other players, downloading new content, and sharing your own creations. It is our goal to keep the gallery free from microtransactions and similar exploitative behavior, and to make it an open, easily accessible hub for sharing all things Brickadia.

Content includes experiences, builds, prefabs, vehicles, avatars, color palettes, Behavior scripts, and more.

What are Gallery Experiences?

A packaged collection of builds, contraptions, logic and scripts and everything else necessary to create a standalone playable experience for other players. They're created by other players just like you, and you can play them with your friends!

Experiences can also be remixed, which means you can easily add your own personal twist, and make it your own!

How are experiences created?

Experiences are created in-game in the sandbox mode. This also means you can build them collaboratively, in real-time, with others! The only difference between the sandbox mode and an experience is that experiences are pre-configured and publicly released through the gallery.

Looking for more?

Stay up to date by following us on social media, or chat with us on Discord! We will be sharing previews, insights into our development and cool media as we get closer to launch.

Check out our development blog for up-to-date information on our development process and get a sneak-peek at early features!

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