Expanded Arsenal: New Weapons and Pickups

From bullets to blades, here's a sneak peek at some of the new firepower coming to Brickadia in the future!

Expanded Arsenal: New Weapons and Pickups

While the rest of the team is working on UI, the new launcher, and the revamped avatar system, here's a showcase of some new weapons being worked on by Brickadia's artists.

When it comes to firearms, there's a whole host of high-caliber weaponry which will be coming to Brickadia after Alpha 5 has been released. Send long-range metal slugs flying at your enemies with the Gauss Gun, send a spray of bullets at them with the Machine Gun, or get up close and personal with hard-hitting shotguns. There's many more weapons in store, with each one filling a certain niche. However, we don't want to reveal all of them just yet.

These new "arena" weapons function using an ammo resource system, similar to how the current weapons work; however, a critical difference is that arena weapons draw directly from their reserve ammo without needing to reload. This allows for much more fast-paced run-and-gun gameplay than you would typically find with the selection of weaponry available in Alpha 4. Some arena weapons share ammo with each other, and some also use multiple ammo per shot, meaning it's challenging to constantly use more powerful, ammo-hungry guns.

Of course, running out of ammo is never a good thing, and in a frantic combat situation it's important to keep your weapons ready to fire. For this purpose, you will be able to attach ammunition pickups to bricks, which will refill a portion of your ammo when walked over or touched. These pickups come in small, medium, and large sizes for a number of different ammo types, as well as a huge version that refills all of your reserve ammo for every weapon. These ammo pickups can be placed throughout your deathmatch maps to create points of interest and contested areas.

Pictured: Two types of ammunition demonstrating Small, Medium, and Large pickups

Another type of pickup is the Health Pack. These also come in three sizes, and will refill your health instead of your ammo. Health packs don't have to be used with arena weapons, either; the ability to place healing items in the world will benefit many other types of minigames as well. Health pickups will be included with Alpha 5, so you'll be able to make use of these in your maps much earlier than ammo pickups.

Pictured: Small, Medium, and Large Health Packs

As the systems the arena weapons use are still early in development, these weapons will be released with Alpha 6. However, there is a set of weapons that will be making its way into Alpha 5; Melee weapons! These short-range tools of destruction are your best friend when your foes are too close for comfort. Swords, axes, hammers, knives, and more will be available to players in the next version of the game. More info on the exact mechanics behind melee combat in Brickadia will be revealed at a later date.

The fast-paced playstyle of arena weapons will eventually be complimented by other features to extend player's combat potential. Stay tuned for future updates to the blog, as well as more arena systems which will be announced later!