We're happy to announce that Brickadia will be going into Early Access in April 2023! You can watch a special trailer we made just for it on YouTube here:

We've created a Steam page for the game! Make sure to wishlist so you'll be notified as soon as it's available.

Website Redesign

To complement the Steam page, we've also gave our website a make-over! It outlines some of the exciting new features that will be available in Early Access, and features a few of the amazing creations our community have built. Check it out!

A New Blog Series

We're launching a new blog series to clarify the things we're working on and what we hope to do in the future leading up to our early access launch. They'll be similar to the blog posts we've already made in the past, but now regularly scheduled every two weeks.

You can look forward to the first blog next Monday (12/26) where we'll talk about some of the things we're currently working on and how they affect the game.

Closing Open Alpha Registrations

With Early Access approaching, we've decided to close Open Alpha registration. It's been an incredible few years of seeing new players over time and the things they've shared with the community. 20,000 users clocked over 530,000 hours of playtime, with over 25,000 shared screenshots! We're amazed at how much the community has enjoyed our game and are thrilled that we'll be able to share an even better, more polished game soon.

Anyone who has already signed up will still be able to play the current alpha as a thank you for being an early supporter. There won't be any more updates until early access launches, at which point you'll need a copy of the game to play.

Stay Tuned for More

Below are the official profiles we'll be posting development sneak peeks and community spotlights to. We've brought on two part time social media managers, so you can expect regular posts going forward!

If you'd like to chat about the game, we have a Discord server you can join, as well as a community ran subreddit.

There's still an incredible journey ahead for Brickadia and we're just getting started. We can't wait to see what you'll create!