Brickadia, Vol. 2 - Soundtrack Release

8 new music tracks by Septilateral are coming to Alpha 5. Here's how you can get them and listen right now!

Brickadia, Vol. 2 - Soundtrack Release

With the Alpha 5 release right around the corner, the new in-game soundtrack is now available, which will be joining the existing set of tracks also by Septilateral.

You can get it now on Bandcamp, and several other outlets below. But hold on, there's even more to enjoy! Septilateral didn't just create another fantastic album, he has also created beautiful videos with ambient Alpha 5 footage to go along with each of them:

Check out the full playlist of videos for more.

If you wish to support Septilateral, use any of the links below:

Links will be available at midnight depending on your timezone.

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