Detailed Changelog


  • Added sound when undo/redo is not available.
  • Added sound when selecting/removing bricks.
  • Added sound when falling fast.
  • Added volume multiplier when landing hard.
  • Replaced all movement sounds again.
  • Replaced flashlight sounds.
  • Improved global attenuation settings.


  • Added pirate hat.
  • Improved ban player dialog.
  • Implemented brick menu search.
  • Added keybind to focus brick menu search.
  • Added player limit and server name to player list UI.
  • Added support for dialogs that don't dim the background.
  • Environment dialog no longer dims the background.
  • Environment dialog is moved out of the way to the bottom left.
  • Added resolution quality setting to options menu.
  • Added potato mode toggle to options menu.
  • Improved options menu controls, can now preview and revert settings.
  • Middle clicking a brick in the brick list places it in your temp slot.
  • Removed halloween surprise in main menu.
  • Removed halloween surprise in studio map.


  • Fixed sending a chat message with free mouse enabled removing focus from the viewport.
  • Fixed moving the cursor outside the window pointing tools at your camera.
  • Fixed being able to use ghost bricks without building permissions.
  • Fixed ctrl-click with paint tool not working in multiplayer.
  • Fixed other players' items sometimes not being positioned correctly.
  • Fixed free mouse key not being listed in help dialog.
  • Fixed day/night selection in environment dialog for studio map.
  • Fixed player by name search using starts with instead of contains.
  • Fixed bad default plugin sending host names of clients to the server.
  • Fixed earthquake noise when holding jump below a brick.
  • Fixed other players blocking third person camera.
  • Fixed hat coloring sometimes not working properly.
  • Fixed global trust synchronization running too often.
  • Fixed moderator role being above the admin role.
  • Fixed "metalic" typo.