Detailed Changelog


  • Added 2x2F Round Plate.
  • Added 2x Height Ramp presets.
  • Added 4x Ramp Corner Adapter presets.


  • Added a night lighting scenario for the Studio map.
  • Added more audio reverb zones in the Studio map.
  • The environment dialog can now switch between lighting scenarios in the Studio map.


  • Added jump and land sounds.
  • Added sound for opening/closing dialogs.
  • Added sounds for walking with items.
  • Added sounds for undo/redo.
  • Replaced footstep sounds.
  • Replaced building sounds.
  • Replaced UI sounds.


  • Added kick/ban dialogs.
  • Added kick/ban buttons in the player list.


  • Fixed crash when trying to fly immediately after spawning.
  • Fixed player names not hiding with the HUD.
  • Fixed label background on paint tool not being transparent.