For those who went all the way back here on the blog to find out when Brickadia began: That was on the 20th of April, 2017. Long before this release.

Detailed Changelog

Major Features

  • Added WIP kitchen map.
  • Brick grids can now be chunked.
  • Brick replication now works based on chunks.
  • Mesh clusters are now generated separately for each chunk.
  • Faces hidden between adjacent bricks are now culled from the mesh clusters.
  • Added basic painting tool.
  • Added basic delete tool.
  • Procedural bricks can now be placed in the world.
  • Added sideways building support and a few bricks that use it.
  • New player model with new idle/walk/run/strafe/fly animations.
  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.19.0.

Minor Features

  • Added a configurable draw distance limit.
  • Massively reduced server-side memory usage of brick replication.
  • Main Menu and Pause Menu buttons now have sound effects and animations.
  • Multiple optimizations to async brick mesh building.
  • It is now possible for players to raise/lower their hands.
  • Added sounds for brick drag/place/delete.
  • Jumping repeats while space is held down.
  • You can pick bricks from the world to quickly place more of the same type.
  • Parsing save files and preparing bricks now runs in an async task.
  • Moving the mouse to the edge of the screen while building now rotates the camera.
  • Players now have names above them.
  • Added a command to display the brick count (/brickcount).
  • Added an indicator for whether brick replication is currently streaming updates.
  • Loading a build now shows a message saying how many bricks were loaded.
  • Main menu logo updated.
  • Basic movement now works with a controller.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mouse not being captured properly on game start.
  • Fixed missing character shadow in first person.
  • Fixed UI upscaling being enabled beyond 1080p.
  • Fixed brick icons being pixelated on less than 1080p resolutions.
  • Fixed brick replication ignoring the bandwidth limit and saturating the connection.
  • Fixed various bugs with markdown messages in chat.
  • Fixed bad transparency sorting on ghost bricks (made them not transparent).
  • Fixed chat messages designated for the host being sent to all clients instead.
  • Fixed crash when loading a save file before the brick assets are loaded.
  • Fixed console spam when chat messages appear onscreen.
  • Fixed not being able to load a save file whose name contains special characters.
  • Fixed incorrect collision on legacy bricks.
  • Fixed servers randomly freezing after a few minutes.