Brickadia Launcher v1.5

We've released a small update to our launcher, addressing a few common problems during the installation experience.

Brickadia Launcher v1.5

We've just released a public patch for our launcher to address any user reported issues with the installation and update process. While this is probably not the most exciting update, it might still make your life a little easier, so read on!

Most importantly, we've addressed various cases of missing VC redist libraries preventing the launcher from starting, and cases of missing DirectX libraries preventing the game from starting after the launcher is done. The launcher now supports high DPI monitors, so you won't have to look at a tiny window with oversized text anymore.

Naturally, we've also made it a little faster.

How to Update

On Windows, simply run any of your Brickadia shortcuts, and the launcher will download the new version automatically. It'll install in less than a minute and continue to your game. Don't panic if you can't see the launcher for a moment during this process!

On Linux, head over to the official Download page and grab the latest version. If you used the .deb package, you can just install the new version over the old one.

WSL 1 Compatibility Warning

We're aware that some server hosts are currently running their servers in WSL to use wrappers like omegga. Qt 6 libraries are incompatible with WSL 1, and if you upgrade your launcher in one of these installs, it may fail to start. This is an optional update, so you can either keep using the old version, or modernize your setup and upgrade to WSL 2.

Detailed Changelog (v1.5)

This is an exhaustive list of every change in the patch.


  • When running in interactive mode and the patch installation fails due to another program locking the install folder, will now prompt the user to explain the problem and give a chance to retry after fixing it. This previously used to be the main cause of mysterious "couldn't apply patch" messages.
  • Removed unnecessary and slightly scuffed styling of popup message boxes, now just using native style.


  • Updated to Qt 6.0.1. Most importantly, high DPI support now works correctly. The startup time before showing the UI on screen has also been slightly improved.
  • Updated zstd, HDiffPatch libraries to the latest releases. This results in improved performance of unpacking patches or repairing files.

Windows Installation

  • Bundled the Unreal Engine Prerequisite installer, containing some older versions of VC redist and DirectX libraries. This will address cases of the game failing to start on computers without pre-installed DirectX.
  • Bundled UCRT and VC redist libraries next to the launcher to address some cases where it would still fail to launch despite the redist libraries being installed.
  • Updated the bundled VC redist 2019 installer to the latest version.
  • Fixed one of the installer tabs having the title "Hello".

Linux Installation

  • Updated the package dependency list for the .deb package.