Introducing Weapons!

Weapons can be spawned in the Items tab of the brick catalog and go in a fancy new inventory that you can access using 0-9 (the building quickbar having been moved to Q). Once one bar is open, 0-9 will select things from it. Weapons are very dangerous! Some of them can blow brickheads apart, literally, so be careful.

...And Minigames!

You might not know what a Minigame is, but weapons are useless without them! You can't hurt other people unless you're both in the same minigame, so get used to the new Minigame settings menu and all its many options. You can make teams, play different gamemodes, and even change your characters' capabilities and movement speeds! Take a look. It's all there.

A New Place To Build!

The new Peaks map has been released (or at least, an early preview), and with it many new environment settings for you to enjoy. The Peaks environment, it turns out, is fully dynamic, and can be explored at your leasure. As this map, like the very first version of Studio back in 0.2, is still very much a work in progress, we'd appreciate your suggestions on what to add next!

Options Galore.

We've added not one, but two new settings menus - one for the game, and one for your server. Only people with permission can edit your server settings. And this includes the permissions themselves, which are now fully customizable in UI. There's no JSON editing required - we aren't a pre-alpha any more!

And Content Too!

We've added near enough a hundred new bricks, and several new decals and faces. We've added wedges, a staple feature of every cool build, and hundreds of crests too. But that's not all, because...

Tools Go Even Further.

Two new tools were added to the game in the final months of development. This means the Resizer Tool, which can resize (almost) every brick in the game to any size you need up to 200x200x200. But it also means the Selector Wand - an amazingly powerful tool that lets you delete, cut, copy and paste multiple bricks at once. Productivity in Brickadia has never been easier than this.

Detailed Changelog (CL3414)


  • Added a weapon inventory to all characters. (access with keys 1-0 by default)
  • Added a weapon spawn menu to the brick catalog. Right mouse will remove items from your inventory again.
  • Added custom, state-based weapon system with many lag compensation features to mask up to 300ms of latency when using them. Supports hitscans and projectiles.
  • Add projectiles and explosions.
  • Added an ammo count to the HUD.
  • Added Assault Rifle.
  • Added Rocket Jumper. Can cause dismemberment.
  • Added Pistol with Suppressed Pistol variant.
  • Added Revolver.
  • Added Rocket Launcher.
  • Added Shotgun.
  • Added Sniper Rifle.
  • Added Submachine Gun.
  • Added Suppressed Pistol.
  • Added unique hitmarkers and hit sounds for hits, headshots and kills.


  • Added water.
  • Reworked environment settings dialog, adding many more settings for the fog, sky and ground on plate.
  • New Peaks map with its own sky/fog/water environment settings.
  • Tweaks to lighting on bricks and in various maps, enhancing the game's appearence.


  • Added a custom, highly customizable game rules customization system called Minigames. Minigames allow for you to craft new experiences for your players, with or without Brickadia's sandbox features. Build any kind of deathmatch, or tweak the default sandbox experience.
  • Added ability to create persistent or default minigames.
  • Added Sandbox gamemode.
  • Added Deathmatch gamemode which adds lives, rounds, auto-sorting, score and more.
  • Added Bricktionary gamemode which adds a Builder team for which one player is chosen to play. The players outside this team must guess what the builder is making before time runs out. Supports custom words, chat message hiding for people that guessed the word and more.
  • Added custom HUDs for each gamemode depending on the gamemode's settings.
  • Added damage settings within minigames, including Self Damage, Physics Damage, Weapon Damage, and Environment Damage.
  • Added "Water Damage Per-Second" setting for all minigames.
  • Added "Players Use Bricks From" setting for all minigames, including Owner Only, Members, TheirOwn and TheirOwnAndTrusted.
  • Added player Speed, Health, and Jump Height modifiers within the team settings.
  • Added Respawn Invincibility Time as a per-team setting.
  • Added player collision toggle as a per-team setting.
  • Added per-team gameplay permissions such as flying, flashlight, suicide, sprint, build and spawn items.
  • Added per-team health regeneration.
  • Made the player list divide players into teams, adds new columns for some gamemodes.
  • Added /jointeam and /leaveteam chat commands.
  • Can now join teams from the player list.
  • Added spectator camera able to view players and float around.
  • Add speedhack prevention to character movement to detect people trying to move too slowly or quickly by passing an incorrect system time to the engine update function.
  • Added nametag options to the team settings.
  • Player nametags are now bolded for people in the same minigame as you, and coloured by team if so. The player list sections act the same way.
  • Added screen effects for taking damage.


  • Added the Brick Resizer. Allows you to resize most bricks to any size you wish them to be.
  • Added the Selector Wand. Allows you to select groups of bricks with a box and delete, cut, copy and paste.
  • Added pie menu to select tools. Hold G by default.
  • Removed the free camera building mode.
  • Added the detached building mode. Allows you to build with the numpad while still moving. Right click to enter this mode.
  • Added all-axis rotation
  • Added proper overlap testing. Two wedge bricks can now occupy the same grid space provided they do not collide.
  • Added an option to remember row drag spacing between placing rows of bricks.
  • Bricks are now aligned to one another by their studs when building. This means that you will place inverted ramps only by the section of their bottom with studs.
  • Added microshift mode (UNLIMITED POWER!)
  • Added procedural Ramp Crests.
  • Added procedural Ramp Crest Ends.
  • Added procedural Wedges (horizontal and vertical)
  • Added procedural Ramp Crest Corners.
  • Added Plant brick.
  • Added Branch brick.
  • Added Bush brick.
  • Added Hedge bricks.
  • Added Sausage brick.
  • Added Ice Cream Cone and Ice Cream Swirl bricks.
  • Added Flower, Small Flower and Fern bricks.
  • Added Pine Tree brick.
  • Added Spawn Point brick. Paint it the color of a team to have that team spawn there.
  • Added 1x1 and 2x2 Side Lip bricks.
  • Added the Check Point brick. If the minigame enables Check Points, you can click on this brick to respawn on it next time you die. Your Check Point will save in any ruleset that remembers Check Points, including the global ruleset.
  • Added 8x8 lattice brick.
  • Added 2x2 corner bricks.
  • Added stackable Step Ladder brick.


  • Brand new options menu with Graphics, Audio, General and Keybind settings tabs.
  • Added key rebinding.
  • Added seperate volumes for Master, Music and SFX.
  • Added ability to mute the game when not focussed (off by default).
  • Brand new server settings menu available to players with permissions, containing server options and role permission settings.
  • Added tooltips to all settings in customization menus, including options, minigames, server settings and environment settings. Uses the new Inspector system.
  • Added set to default button to most settings.
  • Made the options menu fully live, with settings updated as you change them.
  • Added ability to turn on fall damage and self damage outside a minigame.

Player Customization

  • Added Traffic Cone hat.
  • Added Zombie face.
  • Added Cool face.
  • Added Cat face.
  • Added Criminal face.
  • Added Magic School Uniform decal.
  • Added Cute Blush face.
  • Added Builder hat.
  • Added High-Vis Vest decal.
  • Added Military Helmet hat.
  • Added Native Chief hat.
  • Added Bucket hat.
  • Added Fedora hat.
  • Added Robotron face.
  • Added Masked face.
  • Added Creepy Monster face.
  • Added Bee hat.


  • Updated to Unreal Engine 4.22.
  • Allowed typing console commands in the dedicated server console.
  • Vsync now defaults to enabled.


  • Rewrote the chat text parser and added markdown and markup support for Bold, Underline, Italic, Code, and Emoji.
  • Added a preview of any chat message with markdown as you type it.
  • Made item/brick search with Ctrl-F actually work.
  • New audio engine. No more audio thread bug.
  • Created a new default avatar.
  • Many optimizations to the brick engine for both loading and placing bricks.
  • Fixed the framerate tanking from physx when placing bricks with a million bricks present in the world.
  • Jumping off a ramp will now jump in the direction of that ramp.
  • Increased the walkable slope angle from 50 to 51.
  • Added kill feed. Reports all relavant kills (all if not in a minigame, otherwise only those from the minigame you're in)
  • Added thumbnails to the player customization menus.
  • New promote and demote sounds
  • Added proper respawn countdown.
  • Added new main menu music, and environment.
  • Added ingame music with options menu setting for when to play.
  • Added walking (hold C)
  • Placing and deleting bricks now adds the name of the brick type to the undo/redo message.
  • Added new character look up/down animations.
  • Added crouching.
  • Added sprinting.
  • Added new crosshair texture.
  • Replaced all checkboxes with a custom checkbox graphic by vitawrap.
  • Added short interpolation to players looking up/down to reduce the external suddenness of someone switching into first/third person.
  • Added Server.Status console command.
  • Added Chat.Broadcast console command.
  • Deleted the bls loader, bls2brs should be used instead.
  • Added decimal seperator to various counts.
  • Changed the default time of day on Plate to 9am.
  • Added new first person jog animation.
  • Removed the secret pre-alpha death sound due to copyright concerns.
  • Prevented opening the ingame console, or even running console commands, without authentication.
  • Made tool permission checks happen on the server side, resolving possible cheating.
  • Limited the screen space that chat can use, making it go onto multiple lines.
  • Removed the original controls (F1) help dialog.
  • Holding down undo/redo now repeats the undoing/redoing until released.
  • Changed how footsteps work, and also their sounds.
  • Disabled /SetSpawnLocation for now
  • Add animation for interacting with things. Clicking rapidly will cause your character to flail their arms.
  • Updated the gummy jar label in Studio to reflect the new player... girth.
  • Changed the default hz to 48khz, which seems to have increased audio quality across the board.
  • Added Hat Tip emote.
  • Added Shake Head emote.
  • Added Clap emote.
  • Added Point emote.
  • Added two filming features: Freeze Cam, which freezes your third person camera in place while you walk around, and smooth camera movement. See the controls tab for their bindings.
  • Changed how the Paint Tool works so that pressing E will change column, and Ctrl-E changes palette. This makes it much easier to quickly select paint colors. Ctrl-Scrolling left and right is still available.
  • Fixed the falling wind sound sometimes getting stuck playing nonstop.
  • Fixed the default player colors not being in the appearence menu.
  • Fixed frame drops from chat display updates.
  • Fixed the game trying to load auth files without checking they exist.
  • Fixed loading a BRS file always displaying 0 bricks loaded.
  • Fixed the game ping timer.
  • Fixed up bad tick dependencies causing one frame of lag on updating the ghost brick, increased ghost brick position interpolation speed.
  • Fixed item shadows appearing in the wrong place in first person.
  • Fixed player capsule being used for collisions with ragdolls, rather than the mesh.
  • Fixed fog color in Plate, changed sky curve colors.
  • Fixed color lookups being performed for every brick when loading a BRS save file.
  • Fixed the flashlight not working properly in some situations (though it is still broken in Simple Graphics Mode, which does not allow dynamic lights)
  • Fixed the main menu sometimes trying to open the login dialog when it is already open.
  • Fixed the login dialog sometimes entering a broken state where all you can do is quit the game.
  • Fixed authentication errors while joining a server leaving the UI in limbo.
  • Fixed all sound cue volumes being multiplied by 0.75, making some ingame sound effects 25% quieter.