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Present Features

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What is Brickadia?

Brickadia is a multiplayer brick building game that gives you the tools to create and play, your way. Build and invent with your friends, or blow them to smithereens!

With our powerful building tools and growing collection of bricks, you will be able to build anything you can imagine with ease. A house, a car, a plane, a space ship, a robot, an entire city, the sky is the limit! Of course, all building tools can be used collaboratively in multiplayer with friends, or you could even host a server to build with random people from the internet.

If building with friends isn't your thing, you can also play a variety of customizable game modes on community built maps, such as a Deathmatch or Bricktionary. In a later version of the game, you'll be able to use the Behaviors in-game visual scripting system to create your own game modes and contraptions to play with other players.

Can I play?

Yes! During the Open Alpha, you can play for free! Follow this link to register an account and download the game.

Will the final release of the game cost money?

Yes. Only the Open Alpha can be played for free. The final pricing has not been announced yet.

Will there be modding?

Yes! Everyone working on Brickadia has previously created mods for other games and believes in the flexibility of a powerful modding system.

We are working on a complete in-game scripting system called behaviors, which will let you create custom logic for your servers and games.

Additionally, you will be able to add your own custom content into the game with the mod editor and automatically synchronize it to clients.

Is there a roadmap for Brickadia?

Yes! You can view our high-level roadmap here. Keep in mind that any plans may change at any time.

What platforms does Brickadia support?

The alpha version of Brickadia supports 64-bit versions of Windows 10 (DX11+) and Linux with glibc (Vulkan). Support for any further platforms is currently not planned, but may appear at a later time.

Will Brickadia be on Steam / Epic Games / somewhere else?

Hopefully! We are planning to release the final version of the game on all major stores that we can get it accepted on, as well as our own website.

During the Open Alpha, we will only distribute the game on our website.

How optimized is Brickadia?

Brickadia supports and runs exceptionally well up to a million bricks. As of Alpha 5, we have added Level of Detail (LOD) support to the brick engine that will allow you to push your builds to the next level. Many graphics settings are available to scale the visuals to the performance of your hardware.

Are you looking for more developers?

Currently, we are not looking for more developers. We will let you know!

How to Play

How do I build?

You can build by pressing Q or holding G to bring up the tool wheel, and selecting the Brick Tool. You can add bricks to your hotbar by pressing B and selecting bricks you want. Then you can click to place bricks! Rotate bricks by pressing R.

How do I use Orbit Mode?

Orbit mode can be activated by pressing O. You can drive your brick around using WASD, Space and Shift. Click to place a brick! Rotate bricks by pressing R. Press Alt to use Super Shift, which moves your brick a brick's length away in the direction you moved. Pressing Numpad - will enable Micro Shift, which lets you move a brick 1/10th a stud.

How do I use Detached Mode? (Legacy Mode)

With the Brick Tool equipped, you can press right mouse to enter Detached Mode, or you can press any numpad key to enter detached mode. Right clicking reattaches the brick to your cursor. You can move the brick around using Numpad 8, Numpad 4, Numpad 6, and Numpad 2; Numpad 1 to go down a plate, Numpad 3 to go up a plate, Numpad 5 to go down a stud, and Numpad + to go up a stud. Numpad 7 and Numpad 9 will rotate your brick. Press Alt to use Super Shift, which moves your brick a brick's length away in the direction you moved. Pressing Numpad - will enable Micro Shifting, which lets you move bricks 1/10th a stud.

How do I use the Selection Tool?

Equip the Selection Tool by bringing up the tool menu (holding G), or by binding it in the options. You can start a selection by clicking on a brick, and select more by Ctrl clicking more bricks or by dragging the handles. Once you have a selection, you can press Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+V to paste, Ctrl+X to cut, and Delete to delete a selection.

How do I use the Resize Tool?

Equip the Resize Tool by bringing up the tool menu (holding G), or by binding it in the options. You can click on a brick to select it, and then resize a brick by dragging the handles with the left mouse button.

How do I customize my player avatar?

Press P while in a game to open the avatar customization menu.

How do I fly?

Press V to toggle flying. While flying, press Shift to move down, and Space to move up.

How do I modify the environment?

Press I while in a game to open the environment settings menu.

How do I place bricks sideways?

You can place bricks sideways by placing them on bricks with studs on the sides, or by using Orbit Mode/Detached Mode and pressing Numpad / to change orientation.

How do I change FOV/mouse sensitivity/graphics/controls?

Press Escape and click Options. You can also press Ctrl+O if you don't like the mouse.

How do I host a server?

Currently, you need to forward port 7777 on UDP in your router settings. A later game version will remove this requirement.

You can then make a game and create a server in-game, or launch a dedicated server using the Launch Server.bat file found in your Brickadia directory.

How do I use Roles / Permissions?

You can add a role by pressing Esc and clicking Server Settings (little builder icon button), then going to the Roles tab. You can add a role, and modify what the roles can do.

You can grant roles by typing /GrantRole Role Player, and revoke roles by typing /RevokeRole Role Player in the chat.

Present Features

Are there weapons?

Yes. Most weapons feature ammo and reloading. As of Alpha 4, there are only projectile based weapons. Melee weapons are planned to come in future releases.

What are roles / permissions?

Roles and permissions allow you to create roles that you can assign to players. Each role can have a certain set of permissions, which allow players to perform certain actions on your server, such as build or kick other players.

What are mini-games?

Mini-games are gamemodes hosted inside of a server. Mini-games are extremely customizable with a ton of parameters that can be changed by the creator. Admins can create default mini-games which everyone joins when joining a server.

What are procedural bricks?

Procedural bricks are a special type of brick that can be resized using the Resize Tool. They are procedurally generated, hence the name procedural bricks.

Can you build sideways?

Yes! You can use bricks with studs on the sides to place sideways bricks, or you can use Orbit/Detached Mode to do it manually. You can also build upside down if you want.

Can you modify the environment?

Yes. You can modify the time of day, enable a day/night cycle, change the water height and more.

Planned Features

Will there be vehicles?

Yes. You'll be able to build vehicles out of bricks.

Will there be brick physics and contraptions?

Yes. We hope to add all the gadgets you'd expect, like rails, hydraulics, hinges/motors, wheels and more.

Will there be a Workshop / Gallery?

Yes. Brickadia will have its own gallery for mods, builds, and more. Support for the Steam workshop is not planned as it would be exclusive to Steam.

Will there be scripting? What are behaviors?

Yes, with an in-house system named behaviors, a complete in-game visual scripting engine, combining a user-friendly editor with a powerful API and a highly optimized runtime. Behaviors will allow you to create any custom logic you need for your server, all while remaining user friendly and easy to learn. Our plans for behaviors are huge. Stay tuned for more news on this later.