Brickadia Version 0.3.2

Tons of bugfixes!

Detailed Changelog


  • Limited brick row placing to 100 bricks at a time.
  • More extensive logging on bad responses to API requests.


  • Fixed crash when using a SM4 GPU and placing opaque bricks.
  • Fixed being unable to save a brs file that starts with two periods.
  • Fixed missing security checks when entering a save file name.
  • Fixed being able to change your player name on servers.
  • Fixed owner only restriction in set player limit command.
  • Fixed clearing your own bricks not being allowed by default.
  • Fixed brick replication not starting when spawn is far away from zero.
  • Fixed being unable to respawn with a deleted player.
  • Fixed being unable to edit your avatar while having a tool equipped.
  • Fixed trust buttons and indicators on player list showing wrong state.
  • Fixed inability to login again with an invalid stored session token.
  • Fixed various broken functionality on linux dedicated server that depends on regex.