Detailed Changelog


  • Removed all placeholder assets.
  • Fixed bad collision and coverage on all bricks.
  • Added procedural brick with presets.
  • Added procedural ramp with presets.
  • Added procedural inverted ramp with presets.
  • Added procedural ramp corner with presets.
  • Added procedural inverted ramp corner with presets.
  • Added procedural inner ramp corner with presets.
  • Added procedural inverted inner ramp corner with presets.
  • Added procedural tile plate with presets.

Brick Engine

  • Multi-user undo/redo functionality for all building actions.
  • Now imports collision shapes for custom bricks using FBX.
  • New intermediate data structure for brick meshes.
  • New procedural brick creation tools using mesh descriptions.
  • Automated coverage group detection for imported and generated bricks.
  • Improved ghost brick synchronization and reduced bandwidth usage.

Trust System

  • Bricks can now have owners, or a public owner.
  • Players can now trust each other to modify their bricks.
  • Trust is stored on the master server and synchronized automatically.


  • Added "tip hat" emote.
  • Modified emotes to use animation montages.
  • Ability to move the camera during emotes.
  • Ability to play multiple emotes at the same time.
  • Fixed one pixel white line in emote selector.
  • Fixed first person hand not showing during emotes.


  • Character customization features (press H).
  • Improvements and fixes to the player model.
  • Cleaned up and optimized the animation blueprint.
  • Added smoothing when equipping or removing an item.
  • Added alternating jump animations (left/right).


  • Can now change weather presets.
  • Fixed inefficient environment UI synchronization.
  • Fixed dialog spam when opening the UI without permission.


  • Improvements to Studio map.
  • Improvements the paint UI.
  • Replaced the default colorset.
  • Improvements to chat history scrolling.
  • Ability to copy bricks and colors using middle mouse.
  • Now using vertical FOV instead of horizontal.
  • Can now set passwords for your servers.
  • Can now save only your own bricks.
  • Replaced ghost brick material.
  • Added "report bug" button.
  • Fixed ability to move the brick off grid in orbit mode.
  • Fixed Z-fighting on paintings in Studio map.
  • Fixed server list always showing the password icon.
  • Fixed flashlight not moving up/down when shadow quality is set to low.
  • Fixed paint laser disappearing when the player is off screen.
  • Fixed crash when pressing escape while logging in.
  • Fixed saving build silently failing if the name is invalid.
  • Fixed item shadows in first person.
  • Fixed issue with mouse color selection.
  • Fixed ability to spam-click tools.