Brickadia Version 0.2.0

A major new Brickadia update.

Detailed Changelog

Major Features

  • Completely overhauled the Studio map.
  • Completely overhauled the UI. Many new UIs have been created.
  • Completely overhauled building controls, now using a quickbar for bricks.
  • Orbit mode allows keyboard-based building, while orbiting the ghost brick.
  • Ability to switch between crosshair and free mouse for all tools.
  • Permissions and roles system, so you can decide what players are allowed to do on your server.
  • Builds can now be saved to highly compressed brs files, and loaded again.
  • Clients with permission can upload save files to the server.
  • Day/Night cycle for Plate map.
  • Auth system. You can log in to the game using your tester account.
  • Server list. You can easily see who is hosting what and join them.
  • Player list. Allows you to see all the players on the server and their roles.
  • Models and animations for the building, painting and hammer tool.
  • Improved model and animations for the player.
  • Emote wheel. Express yourself!
  • You can now see other people's ghost bricks.
  • New options menu. Configure the graphics your way!
  • Linux support. Not tested well, but appears to work.
  • Transparent bricks and brick colors!
  • Custom brick material support. Default set includes Glow and Metalic.
  • New /Kick, /Ban and /Unban commands for administrative roles.
  • Added dialog framework to greatly simplify UI window management and reduce UI related bugs.

Minor Features

  • Client side prediction for character movement.
  • Improved efficiency of brick grid insertion by about 2x.
  • Holding page up/page down will continously scroll the chat history.
  • Chat history now has an indicator for how far you scrolled through it.
  • Chat history persists between servers.
  • You can now hide the HUD with F3.
  • Links in the chat are now clickable.
  • The ghost brick will now move smoothly between positions.
  • Default set of chess bricks. You know you wanted it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bad row dragging math.
  • Fixed camera origin being offset while a character is in ragdoll mode.
  • Fixed not being able to respawn if your ragdoll got deleted.
  • Fixed the player rotating to face X+ when flying directly up or down.
  • Fixed the brick list scrolling to the top when closed and reopened.
  • Fixed inefficiency and general strangeness when rendering brick previews.
  • Fixed the game failing to start on Windows 7 and below due to incompatible debug DLLs.
  • Fixed missing error message when loading a bls file fails for any reason.
  • Fixed server connection failure returning you to the main menu without any notice.
  • Fixed player starts getting easily buried under bricks.
  • Fixed rare crash when destroying brick render data.