Detailed Changelog

Minor Features

  • Added dedicated server support, use Launch Server.bat to create one.
  • The server now rejects connections from outdated clients automatically.
  • Preview of the emote menu for 0.2, press L to see it.
  • Added ragdoll death, use Ctrl+K to trigger it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed game always launching in fullscreen.
  • Fixed unnecessary plugins, like VR integrations, being packaged by default.
  • Fixed loading bricks being able to create overlapping ones.
  • Fixed being able to teleport to yourself.
  • Fixed being able to teleport other players to themselves.
  • Fixed speaking only with markdown characters allowing you to send empty messages.
  • Fixed not being able to send single markdown control characters.
  • Fixed it being possible to lock the chat by clicking the game while it is open.
  • Fixed it being possible to lock the game by opening chat and brick list at the same time.
  • Fixed typing a chat message while the building interface is open removing the cursor.
  • Fixed typing indicator escaping special characters.
  • Fixed coverage not updating properly on clients.
  • Fixed game crashing when changing effects quality.
  • Fixed bugs with paint UI.
  • Fixed being to open game menus over each other.
  • Fixed division by 0 error in player animation blueprint.