Brickadia Alpha 4 Patch 1

A new update available for Brickadia adding zoom, environmental sound, tons of bug fixes, and new minigame features, cosmetics, and UI improvements.

Weapons and Minigame Updates

We've added a placeholder zoom feature, made various balance changes, and added a whole series of minigame features. We've also fixed some bugs with the weapon networking that might have been making your online experience less than excellent.

Building Updates

We've added a new helper for building; the Guide Tool (now known as the Blueprint Tool), which can (currently) help you to build circular structures without using an external generator tool. We've also done several things to improve the usability of the existing tools, and fixed various bugs here as well. We've added cool new bricks and optimized the existing ones.

Sound Updates

You can now make your builds more immersive than ever before with the new environmental sound settings. You'll find these in the Plate environment menu.

And much more

We've added a bunch of new hats, fixed issues with the animations, and allowed you to jump while crouching. We've improved many of the settings UIs in the game. There are too many more miscellaneous updates to summarize here, so please see the full changelog below for more details on this.

We've also fixed all reported crashes that originated from Brickadia code. Thank you for submitting an impressive 1061 reports since the launch of Alpha 4!

Detailed Changelog (CL3642)


  • Added ability to zoom in by holding the Z key. This is intended to be a placeholder for proper scopes later.
  • Headshots are now indicated by a separate icon next to the weapon icon in the killfeed.
  • Disabled gibbing players on radial damage. Direct hits with rockets still gib players.
  • Various weapon balance changes/improvements.
  • Added direct damage falloff curve feature for projectiles. Not yet used.
  • Fixed rocket jumper flinging you to the left in first person.
  • Fixed rocket launcher not applying impulse on direct hits.


  • Added Goal Point mechanic. You can now place Goal Point bricks that allow players to win a round by clicking them.
  • Added Allied Teams feature for Deathmatch game mode.
  • Added per-team setting to allow using checkpoints.
  • Added option to allow players in minigames to stack on top of each other.
  • Added option to give points for suicide in Deatchmatch game mode.
  • Added option to give points for damage dealt in Deathmatch game mode.
  • Clamped the health set by minigames to a minimum of 1HP.
  • Gameplay Permissions (in Minigames) are now also Server Permissions. You can't grant permissions in your minigame that you don't have yourself.
  • Added new Gameplay Permission to forbid players from teleporting themselves in minigames.
  • Fixed Bricktionary not properly detecting the builder leaving the minigame.
  • Fixed button to leave the current minigame only being visible while having the minigame selected.
  • Fixed deathmatch rounds ending twice if the timer runs out after someone wins.
  • Fixed being able to escape the default minigame by creating another minigame.
  • Fixed Bricktionary continuing to clear the builder's bricks after they left.
  • Fixed "You will respawn when the next round starts" message showing.
  • Fixed join message showing for players joining the default minigame.
  • Fixed round end message when all living players win.
  • Fixed respawn timer staying on screen when forcibly respawned.


  • Added Guide Tool. Currently, it can visualize pixel circles to help you build round things.
  • Added ability to drag over multiple bricks with the Brick Selector to expand your selection.
  • Added display of the current brick size while using the Brick Resizer.
  • Added ability to see the size of any brick by middle clicking with the Brick Resizer.
  • The paint tool now defaults to painting both palettes at the same time when left clicking. Added advanced options to restore previous behavior.
  • Upgraded the ghost brick visuals to make it more obvious when they're unplacable.
  • Separated the key binding for switching paint columns so it can be rebound separately.
  • Fixed being able to place bricks fully underground on plate.
  • Fixed middle click with Hammer to find out ownership of bricks not working through water.
  • Fixed ghost not appearing when pasting a selection while looking at the sky.
  • Fixed rotating the ghost for a selection in detached mode teleporting it away.


  • Added resizable Tile Wedge brick.
  • Added new Pine Tree brick.
  • Added new Bush brick.
  • Fixed collision shapes on all foliage bricks.
  • Fixed 1x1 cone collision.
  • Fixed extremely inefficient geometry on all smooth shaded bricks. In a (very unscientific) test with an average build, this improved the fps by 10%.


  • Fixed skylight intensity and fog settings not replicating properly.
  • Fixed ground collision on plate ending before the map.
  • Fixed resetting the lighting scenario in studio to default resulting in darkness.
  • Updated the vita gummies label in Studio.


  • Added environmental audio feature. You can now choose an ambient soundscape and reverb settings that fit your build in the environment settings.
  • Added sloshing sounds for walking in knee height water.
  • Fixed background music cutting out in game.


  • Improved display of numeric properties in settings menus. Most properties now also have physical units.
  • Replaced multiple confusing 0-1 float properties with percentage sliders.
  • Color properties (like team color) now use the color wheel widget instead of 3 text boxes.
  • Improved the color wheel widget to use live sliders with percentages for every value.
  • Fixed floats sometimes being displayed with too many digits, like 0.100000003.
  • Fixed text saying that you can't use modifiers when binding a mouse button to an input action.


  • Added ability to jump while crouching, along with new animations for it.
  • Added new animations for walking slowly.
  • Reduced movement speed by 20%.
  • The game now remembers your last used camera perspective when respawning.
  • Added advanced option to disable the camera interpolation when switching between first and third person perspective.
  • Revamped the player's legs to reduce similarity to a certain other player.
  • Fixed certain emotes being usable while holding items, resulting in broken animations.
  • Fixed crouching blocking your view when holding a two handed weapon.
  • Fixed jump animation still playing when jump height modifier is set to 0.
  • Fixed first person hand animations.

Player Customization

  • Added Bandana hats.
  • Added Pith hat.
  • Added Roman Helmet hats.
  • Added Football Helmet hat contributed by Trogtor.
  • Added new faces contributed by Aeonara.
  • Renamed "Native Chief" hat to "Headdress".
  • Fixed geometry on Verihauka hat.
  • Fixed bee hat not retaining its customized colors properly.
  • Fixed cowboy hat not being capitalized properly.


  • Updated all branding with the new version of the logo that more closely resembles the studs used in the game.
  • Added shortcuts to the user data folders in appdata next to the executable.
  • Added a timeout to killing your own player.
  • Added a timeout to clearing your own bricks, and stopped it from doing anything if you have no bricks.
  • Added missing ingame emoji, cleaned up some of the existing ones.
  • Added option to disable the builtin mouse smoothing.
  • Added controller stick sensitivity options.
  • Added ability to specify a ban reason with the /ban command.
  • Fixed not seeing a confirmation message when banning offline users.
  • Fixed being able to ban users with higher roles than yourself while they are offline.
  • Fixes and improvements to input descriptions in the controls settings.
  • Fixed ammo counter being shown in situations where it didn't make any sense.
  • Fixed water applying damage every tick, resulting in loud noise.
  • Fixed an unintended phrase being in the Bricktionary word list. Was supposed to be an internal joke only.
  • Fixed players having strange tooltips in the player list if a role they have is deleted.
  • Fixed being able to use the server list in offline mode, resulting in a crash when joining a server.
  • Fixed being able to teleport to/from dead players.
  • Fixed blueprint error in tool pie menu.


  • Fixed engine not using the correct game thread sync mode for least input latency by default.
  • Fixed unnecessary "camera" debug command being available.

Crash Reports

  • Fixed crash using Bricks.Load command in the main menu.
  • Fixed crash in reading inter-chunk brick replication updates.
  • Fixed crash in weapon reconciliation caused by inconsistent replication.
  • Fixed crash when inserting a brick that is too large in a chunk.
  • Fixed crash when saving only your own bricks, while not owning any bricks.
  • Fixed crash reading brs file with invalid owner indices. SMH. Make your generators properly!
  • Fixed crash in ruleset code.
  • Fixed crash when closing the game while loading.
  • Fixed crash when parsing too short string as a web guid.